Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Website Design

I designed 3 websites in WordPress for different purposes. I did all activities from the beginning including setting up domain and webmail and installing WordPress. I did some activities to make websites visually appealing and functional, including: CSS and HTML coding, Photoshop image editing, plugin installation and e-commerce setup. I am also in charge of the maintenance of these sites.

Visit my Github profile to see all repositories


I designed this website for the rock band I used to manage. Its purpose is to showcase all the info that fans, promoters, venues, media and others need to know about the band.

I used a dominantly dark theme with golden details as contrast, so the site reflects the image of the band. I added some basic elements of a music website, such as section with band’s songs, tour dates, news feed, and band’s technical rider.

I also created a technical rider and stage plot for the band. This document gives the venue and/or soundman an understanding of what band’s technical requirements are and how the stage should be set up before the band arrives. I used the StagePlotPro software to create the stage plan. You can find the tech rider here: MultiCultus – Technical Rider (.pdf)


Lekanic Consulting

Lekanic Consulting is a web commerce based website I designed for a hospitality consultant. The main focus was on selling his books online – I made the site sales-oriented with call-to-action buttons and links across the whole site, so they can be easily visible and accessible for potential buyers.


My portfolio site

I designed this site to showcase my portfolio and business profile. I used a custom blue color that I use in my email signature and my online communication in general.

I added a page with LinkedIn feed to show recent articles I read & shared that are related to relevant products, industries and technologies.

The site has a typical Portfolio section with links to separate pages that show details about each project.

The site also contains recommendation quotes from various people I had a pleasure to work with, with links to full recommendation letters.

Finally, there is a section with my contact details and links to my social media and product profiles.