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Doing business by creating friendships.

Selected skills


• Research on new technologies based on business needs and exploring possibilities of their application.
• Finding new ways of integrating individual software systems into a unique business system.
• Introducing new communication systems both within internal teams and between the company and its business partners.


• Making requirements specification documents.
• Leading software development, testing and maintenance processes.
• Managing software improvements according to the needs of its internal and external users.
• Improving user interface based on user feedback.


• Research on potential business opportunities; leading negotiations and closing contracts.
• Conducting training sessions with app users.
• Coordination of user support activities.
• Active communication with the purpose of constant improvements in cooperation.


• Leading communication and integration processes between the company and external service providers.
• Coordinating the work of the tech support team.


• Analysis of past business performances.
• Interpretation and visual presentation of results.
• Business planning based on statistical data.
• Control of work results, revising and making further strategies.


• Optimization of business unit work processes.
• Creating and implementing work protocols.
• Creating application process flows.

Preferred tools


I have experience working as a project leader on development of custom software solutions and shaping them for all relevant users: clients, partners, team leaders, management and others.


My favorite Google app is Sheets which I use for planning and organizing project activities. It also proved very useful for making chart and table specifications for analytical part of web applications.


Using Google and LinkedIn search engines, but also forums, social media groups and other tools with purpose of finding business opportunities like partners, clients, services, etc.


I use this tool for making: work protocol diagrams, business process flows, web app flows, and many other visualizations.


Experienced in using Trello for making specifications for developers and designers and organizing their assignments.


Used Brackets to edit HTML and CSS codes on this site. Basic knowledge of these languages enables me to understand developer’s perspective and create specifications with ease.


I’m using Photoshop for making user manuals for web apps and editing images needed for project activities.


I designed and published couple of websites in WordPress platform, including this one.

My team

My friends with whom I worked so far are mostly skilled in following areas:

– Web development;
– iOS and Android development;
– Web and graphic design;
– Social media marketing;
– Market research;
– Copywriting and content management;
– Search engine optimization;
– Affiliate marketing.

Being connected with local IT hubs in Banja Luka, I am able to hire competent and affordable experts with these and many other skills, depending on your projects’ needs.

Together we can build a powerful team!



To save your time and give you better insights into my experience and skills and whether I could fit into your vision, I made a detailed presentation of some of the projects I have led.


This large program consisted of management of 12 outsourced call center providers covering most of the European markets.
This program also included cooperation with phone number providers, leading support activities and developing telesales strategies.



Phone order is a sales oriented web app used by call center agents with a purpose of telesales and customer support.
This app also has a statistical part used by management and project leaders to analyze sales results and create future sales strategies.
Statistics also serve as a tool for the control of the work of the call center service providers.



This international scientific event is one of the leading conferences of this kind in SE Europe with participants from best European universities and research centers. We made a complete redesign of the conference website and rebranding of its main features such as logo and site colors.



Besides my portfolio website RodicDalibor.com, i designed two more sites for my personal projects.
I did some simple activities such as CSS and HTML coding, Photoshop image editing, plugin instalation, e-commerce setup.


More about me

• Gained BSc in Business Economics at the University of Banja Luka. My major is Strategic Management with focus on Marketing in SMEs.

Member of the organizing committee of the REDETE conference – a leading conference in South-East Europe in fields related to research and economic development in transition countries.

Involved in the Internet business since 2008 – first, through volunteering and practice work as a student and lately as a business consultant and project leader for various clients.

• Through remote business engagements met people from all around the Globe. Worked with people from different national, racial, religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Many of them stayed close friends of mine until today.

• An adventurer – active rock climber and marathon runner. Enjoying practicing extreme sports and exploring wild nature.

• Love to travel – so far, been to 20+ countries of Europe and Asia with a plan to visit many more in the future.

My CV with certificates

Professional and academic recommendations

I do business by creating friendships. Below you can see recommendations from some of the people I had a pleasure to work with.

Few months ago I met Dalibor, online, during implementation of international telesales project he has managed in nearly 15 countries. Initially Sellex Telecom was chosen to provide business VoIP services for two agents and I didn’t have a clue about the size, the reach and the potential of ongoing project.

I was astonished with Dalibor’s decisiveness, introspectiveness, technology understanding, digital sales transformation adoption and the way how he’s lead his team and managed the project. He had a clear vision how to embrace our service into their sales processes and how to move forward w/o any stress and pressure, but with obvious and progressive success.

I’ve learned a lot of him as he was always keen to share experience. For the time being we’ve developed trustful, modern, digital business relationship, beneficial for both parties, and above all with a joy to work together, although we haven’t met each other in person, yet.

Hope we will meet soon.

Visit my LinkedIn profile to find this recommendation

Nenad Saković

Founder & CEO, Sellex Telecom

I am offering this reference at the request of Dalibor Rodić, who has been my student since 2011 at Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka. Dalibor is an excellent student; in one of the subjects (Strategic Management) I teach he achieved the highest grade. During his study he has showed great interest in the subject, far beyond what was required. He has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skills in all area including research, analysis, communication and the like.

Apart from academic activities Dalibor possess other abilities and ambitions. He is also part of the organizing committee for the International Conference REDETE (Researching Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies. His responsibilities, among others, included event organising and session coordination. In that context he has demonstrated great capabilities in all tasks.

Having in mind all previously stated, I strongly recommend Dalibor for any event or job related to strategy development, project planning or event organising. Dalibor is very motivated and ambitious young man who can elevate other group members to perform even better. His communication skills allowed him to create high empathy with other group members, which means that he is able to understand their perspectives while working with them.

Link to recommendation letter

Jovo Ateljević

Founder & Chairman, REDETE Conference

Fulltime professor, Faculty of Economics Banja Luka

I cooperated with Dalibor during marketing internship program in the company BitLab Ltd, where I work as a CEO. Internship program consisted of planned activities realization within following areas: customer relationship, social media marketing, improvement of Conforganiser.com system and creation of company’s marketing campaign. Activities were implemented by interns and supervised by me as a mentor.

I would like to emphasize that Dalibor has shown exceptional skills during the internship, especially in the area of planning and realization of promotional activities on social networks. He deserved, by showing his devotion, and by accomplishing assignments on time, to be highly recommended by the company BitLab Ltd.

He has also conducted market research activities for the project of expanding the market share of the company on B&H web app market in the field of scientific events organization. Research results presented by Dalibor enabled us to make important decisions for the continuation of mentioned project in a very fast, effective and easy manner

Link to recommendation letter

Branko Vasiljević

Former CEO, BitLab

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